Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Perth Reunion 2005 for the RASigs Corps was conducted over 8 days in October this year. I am sure everyone had an absolute terrific time. My wife Kath and I certainly did. Lots of tremendous organisation was at the back of the reunion from the RASigs W.A. Association. Gee they did an awesome job.

The Reunion was broken up over two weekends with three functions:
1. Whitman Park Family day BBQ - there were hundreds there
2. Perth Convention Centre - Reunion Dinner - over 700 guests
3. Rigbys Bar and Grill - BBQ Luncheon and farewell

I have attached a few photos of some of the people who attended



Budda, great pics. Some name corrections and extra identified.

pic posted 2:23 Ron Culton & Kathy
pic posted 1:46 Phil & Sue Raynor
pic 1:02 Ron Culton, Bob & Judy Fellows.

Great show of the olds and bolds.

Isn't is funny how many, like us, are follically challenged? It must run in the Corps!

Blue Hawkins
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